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14 Poolside Must-Haves

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Installing a pool is just the first step. Now it’s time to round out your outdoor living space. The best furniture and décor makes entertaining fun and cleanup easy after spending all day outside. There’s a lot you can do and many options to choose from depending on your lifestyle, but we decided to share some of our poolside must-haves to help inspire your own creativity.

Toy Storage

1. Noodle Rack

Keep those light, flimsy pool noodles from blowing away and in an easy-to-grab spot with this noodle rack.

Noodle Rack 

2. Pool Pouch

Inflatables can be difficult to wrangle. The Pool Pouch from Water Tech makes it easy. It stretches, so you can fit in everything from rafts to beach balls to animal rings.

The Pool Pouch - Water Tech 

Towel Organizers

3. Towel Cabinet

Have an old jelly cabinet? Transform it into a poolside towel cabinet! Need some inspiration? Here’s a completed project from Bliss Ranch.

Towel Holder - Bliss Ranch 

4. Beach Towel and Bathing Suit Rack

This easy DIY sign and rack from The Summery Umbrella is the perfect drop-off point for wet bathing suits and towels. Full instructions for making it can be found on their blog.

Beach Towel and Bathing Suit Rack - The Summery Umbrella 

5. PVC Towel Rack

Need a large rack for drying towels and other gear? This PVC towel rack is perfect for keeping towels off the fence and poolside furniture. This is a DIY project and you can get the plans from TowelMaid on Etsy.

8 Bar Towel Rack - TowelMaid 

Snazzy Furniture

6. Wine Barrel Cooler and Table

If you can get your hands on a wine barrel, this is an incredibly easy way to make a poolside cooler and table. You’ll just need to do some cutting, install some reinforcement, and prepare the finished for outdoor weather. You can see one way to do it at Better Homes and Gardens.

Wine Barrel Cooler and Tabletop 

7. Outdoor Coffee Table with Metal Bucket Base

I love furniture that doubles as storage and this metal bucket coffee table does just that. The tutorial from Melissa of A Place to Nest (shared on Remodelaholic) shows step-by-step how to create it. Melissa secures the top of the table to the base, but if you want to use the interior for storage look at the comments to find out how. Also, an extra hole and some gravel or sand inside could make this table double as an umbrella stand. Just use your imagination and your needs will be met.

Outdoor Coffee Table with Metal Bucket Base - A Place to Nest - Remodelaholic 

8. Murphy Bar

Lacking space? This Old House has put together a neat project called a Murphy Bar. Folded up and hung on an exterior wall, it looks like a cabinet. Folded down, it becomes a table and organizer. It’s safe to handle food on and weather resistant.

Murphy Bar - This Old House

9. Comfortable Loungers

It goes without saying that you need a comfortable place to sit poolside. Amy Baesler at Remodelaholic shared FREE plans for making these comfy DIY loungers that are not only adjustable, but also have a storage area inside. Very convenient for keeping all your pool stuff in one place! 

DIY Reclining Outdoor Lounge Chair with Storage - Remodelaholic 

10. A Reading Chair

Then again, if you’re like me, you’re just trying to find a comfortable spot for reading and soaking up some rays. This Reading Lounge Chair from Brookstone helps you relax and get the perfect spread of sunshine on your back.

The Reading Poolside Lounge Chair - Brookstone 

11. KidKraft Lounger

If you’re in need of something for the kiddos, KidKraft makes a wonderful lounger. It’s covered, so it provides an extra layer of protection from sunburn. Plus, there are convenient cup holders.

 KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge

12. Tire Tube Chair

Looking for a cheaper alternative for the young’uns? Take some inner tubes and cover them with fabric. They’re colorful, can be thrown around, and will float if thrown in the pool. The Whoot has some directions.

Upcycled Tire Chair - The Whoot 

A Place for Trash, etc.

13. Double Trash and Recycling Bin

This DIY project from Ana White is a great project for the poolside. It’s covered, so it’ll keep bugs out of the trash. It also can be used for more than one purpose. Already have a trash/recycling can? Use one side to store pool toys and the other for dirty towels.

Double Bin Trash and Recycling - Ana White 


14. Pool Rules Sign

Of course, you need a sign outlining the pool rules. Here are a couple of our favorites…

Pool Rules - Drop a Line Designs 

By. DropALineDesigns

Pool Rules - FransCountryNY 

By. FransCountryNY

Pool Rules - UniquelyCraftedSigns 

By. UniquelyCraftedSigns

Pool Rules - kshopa 

By. KShopa

What is your poolside must-have? Share in the comments!

14 Poolside Must-Haves

Tuesday Tally from Winds Harbor at Middle Sound, Wilmington, NC

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Melanie Cameron talks about one of the newest communities in the Middle Sound area, Winds Harbor, and shares the Wilmington real estate market stats for the week of 5/31/2016.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend - Tammy Suggs Realtor

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Buyer Specialist Tammy Suggs of The Cameron Team has a special Memorial Day weekend message!

Have questions about buying or selling a home in the Wilmington area? Contact Tammy!

Tammy W. Suggs, ABR®
Email Tammy

25 of Our Favorite Wine Racks

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Happy National Wine Day! Not to be confused with National DRINK Wine Day, which happens in February. Honestly, what does it matter? We can always use another excuse to drink wine...In honor of this day, we’ve compiled a list of 25 (get it?...May 25th) of our favorite wine racks. 

1. Pallet Wine Rack

This DIY project has proven to be a real winner with pallet enthusiasts. Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea shares how to put together your own pallet wine rack, wine glass holders and all.

Pallet Wine Rack - Virginia Sweet Pea 

2. Dresser to Wine Rack

We love dresser to __________ projects, so there’s no surprise that we’re fond of this wine rack made from a dresser shared by Toni at The Happy Housewife. Of course, this option probably isn’t the best if you have small children, but it sure is chic!

Dresser to Wine Rack - The Happy Housewife 

3. Wine Barrel Rack

Wait…a wine rack made out of a wine barrel? What could make more sense?! This isn’t the only design available from Sterling Wine Online. You can see more quality wine barrel racks on their website.

Wine Barrel Rack - Sterling Wine Online 

4. Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Nails and reclaimed redwood come together to make a beautiful wine rack with a rustic feel. Each of these is handmade by SweetRedDesign, so every piece is unique. See examples in their Etsy store.

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack - SweetRedDesign

5. Tree Wine Rack

Rack & Ruin is a company that specializes in creating wine racks from reclaimed wood. Their more unique pieces are made from whole trees, mainly British hardwoods – yew, pine, oak, beech, etc. They aim to maintain the distinctive colors and shapes of each piece they convert. The results are beautiful conversation starters.

 Reclaimed Wood - Rack and Ruin

6. V12 Engine Wine Rack

Here’s one for all you motorheads! This V12 Engine Wine Rack was made by Dave Lacey. You can see his design notes here.

V12 Engine Wine Rack - Dave Lacey 

7. Don Vino Wine Table

There are wine racks and then there are wine displays, like this Don Vino wine table from Chicone Cabinetmakers. The table sits 21” tall with a 33.75” diameter and can hold 16 bottles of wine that slide inside. It’s the perfect place to host a wine tasting.

Don Vino wine table - Chicone Cabinetmakers 

8. Triangle Wine Rack

“Shape” up your décor and build this DIY triangle wine rack from Better Homes and Gardens. It holds 6 bottles and 6 glasses (divine intervention?), and has a small shelf for placing the open bottle. They’ve even provided the building instructions on their website (downloadable PDF).

Triangle Wine Rack - Better Homes and Gardens 

9. Industrial Pipe Wine Rack

Pipe is popping up more and more in interior home design. If you’re a fan of this growing trend, you’ll love this industrial pipe wine rack made by CreativeFixtures. It holds 3 bottles and 4 glasses, and has a small shelf.

Industrial Pipe Wine Rack - CreativeFixtures 

10. Film Reel Wine Rack

Here’s one for all the film buffs out there! This Film Reel Wine Rack from Moss Studios is made from repurposed mid-century film reels and combines two of our favorite things – movies and wine. It’s a real scene-stealer!

Film Reel Wine Rack - Moss Studios 

11. Mid Century Wall Rack

This wine rack from Oenophilia isn’t just a place to display your bottles, it’s also a piece of art. Designed in respect to the 1960’s, it’s a beautiful use of clean lines and metals. Fully filled, it holds up to 10 bottles.

Mid Century 10-Bottle Wall Rack - Oenophilia 

12. Revolution Wine Carousel

Limited on space? This wine carousel, also from Oenophilia, spans just 14” and holds 19 bottles! Did we mention it spins? How cool is that?

Revolution Wine Carousel - Oenophilia 

13. Gears and Wheels Wine Rack

Fans of steam punk will love this Gears and Wheels Wine Rack from Foster & Rye. It’s ideal for countertop use and holds up to 6 standard size bottles. It has a weighted bottom to prevent tipping.

Gears and Wheels Wine Rack - Foster and Rye 

14. Wine Rack on Chalkboard Paint

This wine rack from Our Vintage Home Love is incredibly simple and can be made from recycled wood. Simple nails hold the bottles in place. But what we really love about it is the wall it’s hung on. It’s painted with chalkboard paint so the names of the wines can be written and erased. Such a neat way to display wine, especially if you love to host parties.

Wine Rack with Chalkboard Paint - Our Vintage Home Love 

15. Roof Tile Wine Rack 

Recycled roof tiles can be a fun way to bring some Spanish accents into your home. Robert Kelley at Vine Dawg did just that with this wine rack he created from roof tiles. The first wine rack he created was made with an aquarium stand and the original roof tiles from his home. As his storage needs expanded, he upgraded to the converted dresser seen here.

Roof Tile Wine Rack - Vine Dawgs 

16. PVC Wine Rack

Get an industrial looking wine rack without the industrial price. This DIY PVC pipe wine rack from Uncookie Cutter looks like it’s made from metal piping, but cost just $20 to make. Plus, it adds dimension to the room when it’s hung.

PVC Wine Rack - Uncookie Cutter 

17. Falling Chips Wine Rack

Speaking of dimension…this creative wine rack shared by Industrial Design Served is called Falling Chips due to the way it looks like paint peeling off the wall. It has great texture and serves the dual purpose of holding all your favorite wine. Artistic and useful!

Falling Chips Wine Rack - Industrial Design Served 

18. Vinello Wine Rack

There are some very creative wine racks out there and one of them is this Vinello Wine Rack. It looks like a length of ribbon being folded on top of itself, but is a solid piece of painted. This illusion of softness and movement really makes it stand out.

Vinello Wine Rack - Umbra 

19. Vintage Ammunition Box Wine Rack

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find an old box that converts perfectly into a wine rack, like old dairy crates or this vintage ammunition box transformed by AntiqueDoor. What we liked the most is the door on the front. It’s perfect for adding extra bottle protection in homes with small children and dogs.

Vintage Ammunition Box Wine Rack - AntiqueDoor 

20. Carsten Wine Rack

Wildon Home has taken a unique approach to wine bottle display with their Carsten Wine Rack. Five coil holders allow you to store your bottles upside down, which is one of the best ways, because it keeps the cork wet. They claim their rack helps you convert your bottles into instant artwork. We says it’s a work of art keeping the rack full.

Carsten 5 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack - Wildon Home 

21. Alcove Wine Rack

Does your home have an alcove? Not quite sure what to display there? Make it into a wine rack, like this one shared by Keeping Up with the Joneses.

Alcove Wine rack - Keeping Up With the Joneses 

22. Piano Wine Rack

It’s always sad when a good musical instrument goes bad, but sometimes they can be repurposed – like this piano made into a wine rack! Shared by Furnish Burnish, this piano had the perfect framing for holding up to 8 bottles of wine and accompanying glasses.

Piano Wine Rack - Furnish Burnish 

23. Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle  

Here’s another option for wine drinkers who want a floor wine rack, but are worried about the bottles being broken. This Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle from Wine Cellar Innovations doesn’t have a front door like the vintage ammunition box, but it does provide side protection. The bottles are easy to access via slide-out racks.

Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle - Wine Cellar Innovations 

24. Vinyl Records Wine Rack

Add a musical touch to your room with this DIY vinyl records wine rack. Want to know how to make it? Patrick Hoesterey shares exactly how he made his on RecylArt.

Vinyl Record Wine Rack - RecyclArt 

25. Rope Wine Rack

Does your home have a nautical theme? If so, this is the DIY wine rack for you! Cambria Wines has a step-by-step tutorial with pictures explaining how to make your own.

Rope Wine Rack - Cambria Wines 

Have a favorite wine rack not shown here? Share it in the comments!

25 Wine Racks - National Wine Day

Tuesday Tally from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Melanie Cameron shares the history behind Wrightsville Beach, NC, and the Wilmington real estate market stats for the week of 5/24/2016.

Tuesday Tally from Middle Sound Loop, Wilmington, NC

by Beth Anne Linden, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Melanie Cameron shares what makes the Middle Sound Loop area unique, as well as the Wilmington real estate market stats for the week of 5/17/2016.

8 Trash to Treasure Projects

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

After seeing this collection of Trash to Treasure projects, you’re going to be thinking twice about what you’re throwing away. With a little creativity and some sweat, you can take what’s old and battered, and transform it into something that’s beautiful. Just take a look at what these bloggers have done.

1. Coffee Table to Ottoman

Our first favorite Trash to Treasure project comes from Annie at Rocky Mountain Bliss. She took an old coffee table and transformed it into the perfect cushioned ottoman for her living room. All it took was some spray paint, buttons, cushion foam, vinyl, and upholstery tacks. Total cost of the project: $63!

Side note: I’m pretty sure that one of my family members had a table from this exact same line back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, so I got a kick out of this project.

Rocky Mountain Bliss - Coffee Table to Ottoman 

2. Scrap Fabric to Geometric Pillows

Are you a crafter? Do you have some scrap fabric lying around? Tess at Angean used hers to make some stylish throw pillows for her home. If you’d like to do the same, she’s included a few patterns on her blog, along with some step-by-step instructions.  

Scrap Fabric to Geometric Pillows - Angean 

3. Battered Vintage Desk to Timeless Look

One of my favorite furniture artists is Kandice at Just the Woods. She takes vintage furniture and transforms it into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Sometimes they’re elaborate, including special touches like elegant paper that only appears when the drawers are opened. Other times, she does something timeless, like this battered vintage desk that she transformed with a beautiful matte black finish and stained top. You can follow her on Instagram to see her most recent projects and tips.

Battered Vintage Desk to Timeless Look - Just the Woods 

4. Reclaimed Wood to Sign

Sometimes it’s the simplest projects that leave a big impression. Kate from Highlights Along the Way took some old wood that her husband was tearing out of their fixer-upper and transformed it into a large sign for over their living room couch. What’s absolutely perfect is how the distressed wood matches the message of the sign. She shares the DIY project on her blog.

Reclaimed Wood Sign - Catching Up with Kate 

5. Vintage Dresser to Bathroom Vanity

The best Trash to Treasure projects make you think outside the box. That was the case with Tori at Wear, Wag, Repeat. She took an old dresser she found on Craigslist and transformed it into a vanity for her bathroom. With fresh paint, vintage knobs, a new sink and faucet, and some carpentry ingenuity to get it to fit just right, the dresser became the perfect look she was searching for. She shows you how it was done on her blog.

Vintage Dresser to Bathroom Vanity - Wear Wag Repeat 

6. Entertainment Center to Play Kitchen

Even kids can benefit from a good Trash to Treasure project. Just take a look at this play kitchen created from an old entertainment center by At Home with Ashley. With a $50 budget, Ashley set out to make a classy play kitchen for her son. With some thrift store shopping, she made it work. Add on some accessories and the whole project comes to just over $68! Follow Ashley on Instagram to see her latest projects.

Entertainment Center to Play Kitchen - At Home with Ashley 

7. Filing Cabinet to Garage Storage

Finally! Something you can do with that old filing cabinet you can no longer use! Kaydee from Trash to Treasure took an old 4-drawer metal filing cabinet (missing drawer and all) and transformed it into garage storage for holding rakes, shovels, etc. She gave it a custom paint job, added some pegboard for smaller tools, and even put it on casters for easy moving. See the whole project on her website.

Filing Cabinet to Garage Storage - Trash to Treasure 

8. Old Tire to Teacup Planter

This project is absolutely adorable and sure to be a conversation starter! Wonderful DIY has a collection of tutorials for making planters out of tires, including these teacup planters. There are a few varieties, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, and a video to show you how to cut the tires. So much fun!

Old Tires to Teacup Planters - Wonderful DIY 

Do you have a Trash to Treasure project that you’ve completed? Share it in the comments and it may be featured in a future post.

8 Trash to Treasure Projects

Join Us at the 2016 Downtown Lifestyle Tour!

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Wilmington Downtown Lifestyle TourAre you considering purchasing in Downtown Wilmington? Are you interested in the unique downtown lifestyle that comes with Wilmington's Historic District? Then, join us at the 2016 Downtown Lifestyle Tour organized by Wilmington Downtown, Inc. this Saturday, May 14!

The Downtown Lifestyle Tour provides a unique opportunity to visit living spaces and businesses in the downtown area. There are currently 24 residences (historic homes, urban style condos, luxury condos, etc.) that will be open on Saturday to participants of the tour. It's $10 per person and a self-guided tour, so you can proceed at your own pace. The tour will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with each stop clearly marked and a map provided to each participant. Learn more at the Downtown Lifestyle Tour website.

Our listing at 104 S. 6th Street will be featured. Stop by and take a look at this wonderful Queen Anne home built in the early 1900's. Realtors Sloan Reese and Jackie Harlow will be on site to answer questions about the home, purchasing historic properties, and the general lifestyle of living in the Historic District.

104 S. 6th Street

If you're interested in attending, you can purchase tickets online.

Will I Save Money Skipping the Buyer’s Agent?

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"

Will I Save Money Skipping the Buyer’s Agent?For 42% of recent buyers, the very first step they took to buying a home was searching for properties online. An additional number took to searching online after first getting pre-approved. With these kinds of numbers and the numerous portals for gathering information about homes, it’s expected that a buyer will at some point come in contact with a listing agent. They may even be tempted to purchase a home straight through the listing agent to try and cut commission costs. It’s natural for a buyer to want to save money. However, buyers should know that using a listing agent does not guarantee they’ll be saving money.

The root of this discussion always leads back to who pays who. Sellers pay the commission for the listing agent and the selling agent (buyer’s agent). When homeowners sign a listing agreement, they agree to pay a certain amount to commissions. 6% is standard in the Wilmington area, and that is usually split between the two agents. The listing agent is paid to market the home to get the highest price possible and to advise the sellers on how to protect their best interests. The selling agent is paid for bringing a buyer and facilitating the sale (acting in the best interests of the buyer). The buyer does not pay their agent unless they wish to purchase a FSBO that will not pay a selling agent commission. This rarely happens.

If a listing agent is contacted by an unrepresented buyer who wants to purchase the home, the listing agent can take the full commission amount, because they are then doing the work of two people. Sometimes, a listing agent will agree to take a lower commission if they handle both sides, but that percentage is usually agreed upon prior to the home going on the market and included in the original listing agreement. The savings are rarely passed on to the buyer in the form of a lower purchase price.

In conclusion, it really doesn’t save the buyer any money to skip using a buyer’s agent…and why would they want to? A buyer’s agent is there to protect their best interests, a listing agent is not. When making a large investment, it’s always nice to have someone with experience and professional training to share their knowledge of the process. Not having your own real estate agent is like playing in a basketball game without a coach. You can do your best to get the ball to the hoop, but it really helps to have someone there who knows the whole picture and can see how all of the players work together, including those on the other team.

If you have any questions about buying real estate in the Wilmington area, give us a call at (910) 202-2546 or send us a message through our contact page. We’re always happy to help!

Tuesday Tally from Bay Colony at Landfall, Wilmington, NC

by Meghan Riley, "2015 Sales Team of the Year"
Melanie Cameron shares the history behind Bay Colony in Landfall and the Wilmington real estate market stats for the week of 5/10/2016.

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